SAFETY is a core value for us.

About Us

Mission Statement

To deliver responsible, effective, efficient and quality service to our customers with integrity and accountability using proven and innovative methods.


To make Veterans Vegetation Management a company in which our employees, customers and community can say that they are proud to be a neighbor of, work for and with. 


We are a responsive, trustworthy and result driven company that lives by the ethos of "Do what we say we will do when we say we will do it". We deliver quality results and stand behind our work.


  • Loyalty - to our customers 
  • Duty - to fulfill obligations, accomplish all tasks and assignments as a team member
  • Respect - to all and the environment
  • Safety - First and foremost In all we do 
  • Honor - our customers, our company and ourselves by living these values everyday
  • Integrity - always do the right thing whether legally or morally
  • Personal Courage -  stand up for these values and ensure those around you adhere to them as well

How We Accomplish Mission: Personnel

Veterans Vegetation Management will accomplish its mission by and was spawned with the intent of hiring from the best talent pool available, military veterans. While not a requirement for employment, we do look to hire veterans first. More specifically, members of the National Guard. We know from personal experience how difficult it is on the Guard member, their family and on employers to work around the modern day requirements of service. Currently serving members are afforded the ability to balance their military and civilian careers along with family/personal time. 

How We Accomplish Mission: Training/Safety/Compliance

Training is a constant cycle...Plan - Execute - Assess. Whether it is general, site specific or task specific training our commitment to constantly improve safety and efficacy of operations is resolute. Our employees conduct individual and collective training when on-boarding and consistently throughout their career via external and in-house training. 


Composite Risk Management (CRM), a risk management process, is integrated into all that we do and is utilized at every level in order to identify and control risks. CRM, Zero Incident goal setting, tactic, technique and procedure establishment, training and experience are leveraged to foster a positive safety culture and battle complacency.


All Veterans Vegetation Management and customer employees return home safely. zero safety incidents or accidents, zero environmental impact incidents and a satisfied customer.